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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Driving away evil Spirits"

Hey horror seekers,

Many of us are whimps when it comes to dealing with evil spirits. I've seen lots of exorcism videos online and I have to tell you, man, my experience was kinda freaky. Big time! I had this feeling as if things were creeping up my back and I was literally freezing. Guess that's just a typical goosebump. BUT, the following days were terrible man. I had bad days continuously with all sorts of troubles and it just seemed as if the evil spirit in the videos caught up with me.

Well. enough of my personal talk up there. Now, more about exorcisms in Singapore and the region around this Island. There's all sorts of rituals from various cultures, religions and beliefs in Singapore. well its a lot a lot of things to talk about!

Malay Exorcism
Malay exorcists are often named as "Bomohs" or "Imams" and are still very relevant to their cultures whether its at Brunei, Malaysia or Indonesia. I found this article written on Helium.com about exorcism and the writer's personal encounter with a Malay bomoh.

"There was once when I accompanied my friend to see a Malay medium (referred to as Bomoh in the Malay language) in Malaysia for consultation. It occurred to us that she might be under some kind of a hatred spell sent by a woman who was madly in love with my friend's husband and having the intention to destroy their marriage so that she could be with him. The Bomoh's place was just a small, run-down atap house..." Continue reading at "Helium - How to perform Exorcism""

Taoist Exorcism
There's this really really nice blog which is hosted by a chinese Taoist master. Visit the link HERE. Over there he speaks about his experience as a Taoist master and writes about all the various Taoist rituals such as the talisman.

Catholic Exorcism
Exorcism has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and we can even witness cases of exorcisms from scriptures in the bible. Yet, it was the spooky exorcism movies that made it mainstream, such as the most recent "Exorcism of the Emily Rose".

Well, ever wondered how to perform a Catholic Exorcism? Well, normally such exorcisms require a lot of training to perform them well and are definitely very dangerous. I found a write up about the general steps which exorcisms follow at ehow.com .

"Step 1
Exclude the possibility that the person has a mental illness rather than being possessed. It's essential to know the difference between forces of the devil and need for medical attention. Performing an exorcism on someone who isn't possessed...." Continue reading HERE.

Cases in Singapore!
and there's this eccentric case about an Indian woman filing law suit against the priests and helpers at a Novena church for causing post-traumatic stress and disorder to her after she claimed that she was allegedly exorcised.

Have a quick skim over this article - "Priests, helpers at Novena Church sued over Alleged Exorcism"

Exorcism Videos!
Still don't believe that exorcisms can be done? watch the videos yourself and think about it.

A youtube video about a demon possessed woman being exorcised in Brunei.

and a horrifying video about the thoughts and feelings a person when being possessed.

Still haven't had enough? Down here is a video about how a miraculous healer Father Makari Yunan who casts away demons and evil spirits in his service in front of his thousands of congregation.

Well. Now that you've seen real exorcisms in the making. Whether you believe it or not. Its happening around us. Where's your spiritual strength coming from? Personally encountered or heard of such exorcisms? Or know of any exorcism cases, beliefs or gurus in Singapore?

Let's discuss and comment!

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